Czech participation at 16th ICPWS in London

The Czech participants presented or submitted the following contributions at the 16th International Conference on the Properties of Water and Steam: Water, Steam, and Aqueous Solutions held on September 1-5, 2013, at the University of Greenwhich, London, UK, and entitled "Water, Steam and Aqueous Solutions: Working for the Environment and Industry":


J. Šedlbauer: Bond Contribution Method for Aqueous Organics in High-Temperature Solutions

J. Kalová: Thermophysical Properties for Atmospheric Applications

F. Maršík, P. Novotný, M. Pavelka: Role of Liquid Properties for Enhancement of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Efficiency

A. Jager, R. Span, J. Hrubý: Prediction of Gas Hydrates in CCS Relevant Mixtures with Reference Equations of State

J. Hrubý, M. Duška: Uncertainty of the Saturation Pressure and Its Derivative for Ordinary Water

M. Duška, J. Hrubý: Re-Evaluation of the Second Virial Coefficient for Steam with a Special Emphasis on Systematic Uncertainties

J. Hrubý, M. Kolovratník, O. Bartoš, P. Moravec, N. Zikovec, V. Ždímal, I. Jiříček: Investigation of Condesation Nuclei in Suprheated Steam in Steam Turbines

M.A.L.J. Fransen, J. Hrubý, D.M.J. Smeulders: Characterisation of Critical Clusters of Superheated Water

T. Němec: Estimation of Ice-Water Interfacial Energy Based on Classical Nucleation Theory and Experimental Ice Nucleation Rates

J. Hrubý: Formulation of Thermodynamic Properties for Computation of Non-Equilibrium Condensing Steam Flows

R. Mareš, J. Kalová: The Experimental Determination of Surface Tension of Supercooled Water

V. Vinš, J. Hrubý, J. Hykl, B. Šmíd, J. Hošek: Modification of an Experimental Apparatus and New Measurements of the Surface Tension of Supercooled Water

P. Šafařík, A. Nový, M. Hajsman, D. Jícha: On a Model for Solution of Shock Wave Parameters in Wet Steam

H.-J. Kretzschmar, M. Kunick, J. Hrubý, M. Duška, V. Vinš, F. di Mare, A. Singh: Proposal for an IAPWS Guideline on the Fast Calculation of Steam and Water Properties in Computational Fluid Dynamics Using Spline Interpolation

W. Wagner, F. Dauber, H.-J. Kretzschmar, R.Mareš, K. Miyagawa, R. Span: Extended Equation for Region 5 of the Industrial Formulation IAPWS-IF97

M. Rouha, J. Šedlbauer: Predicting Hydration Free Energies of Poly-Functional Organic Molecules Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation

J. Kysela, M. Zychová, P. Kůs: Experimental Water Chemistry Research for Boiling, Pressurized and Supercritical Water Cooled Reactors